Yellowjackets’ Nuha Jes Izman Actually Had A Lot Of Fun Falling Off A Cliff

According to her recent interview with the AV Club, Nuha Jes Izman knew her character would have a tragic fate since she was only contracted for five episodes in the nine-episode season. On the day of shooting her death scene, she and Samantha Hanratty made light of the unhappy circumstances:

“[T]he day of was really sad. We’d gotten so close over months and months of being with each other, and we knew I was flying out the morning after. So it really was just like, one last time to have fun with each other. And then all the cliff stuff and everything was actually pretty fun — she would push me off the cliff, or I would fall off the cliff, I don’t know, we don’t really know what happens there! But it was nice, it was fun, it was intense … it really was just one last opportunity for us to have fun together, and I think that helped with the scene. Because neither [Crystal nor Misty] really see it coming. They’re just having fun until the moment happens.”

Crystal and Misty’s giggly, enthusiastic connection completely shatters when Misty reveals her dreadful secret. Up until this point, the scene gradually builds its gripping tension as the camera gets closer and closer to the girls’ faces mid-pinky swear and the menacing music swells. After her confession, Misty oozes with fear and desperation to preserve her reputation. 

Samantha Hanratty and Nuha Jes Izman’s commanding performances and off-screen friendship make Misty and Crystal’s confrontation one of the most shocking scenes in “Yellowjackets” thus far.

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