Will We Get Tired Of Superhero Movies? Kevin Feige Doesn’t Think So

“There’s 80 years of the most interesting, emotional, groundbreaking stories that have been told in the Marvel comics, and it is our great privilege to be able to take what we have and adapt them,” he said. “Another way to do that is adapting them into different genres, and what types of movies we want to make.”

Feige concluded, “I found that if we tell the story right, and we adapt them in a way that the audience still — knock on wood so far — is following us along 22-plus years later… we can [make] any types of movies that share two things: the Marvel Studios logo above the title and a seed of an idea from our publishing history.”


I see what Feige is saying here, I do. However there is also a few factors to take into consideration. One is that cinema trends do change. However that normally comes when the movie theatres become full of cheap watered down versions of what audiences first fell in love with. The point then is that as long as the bar remains high, the audiences will remain excited about superhero movies. However, as we’ve seen with the DCEU, if the movies are average, so will your box office be.

Ergo, quality equals profits and profits equal higher budget to create new projects. That’s the wheel as it is driven by demand. Drop the quality and you’ll eventually drop the profits, then the budgets and that’s when you are getting into dangerous territory.

Most Marvel fans will already argue the quality has dropped in Phase 4. Though not enough, yet, and there is still time to course correct. Lastly, it’s worth looking at comic book sales, because there were some rough times and big reboots needed to kick starts that industry. Remember Marvel was almost bankrupt when they made Iron Man.

So will we get tired of superhero movies? Kevin Feige doesn’t think so, but what is your take? Thoughts below as always.

Source : https://lrmonline.com/news/will-we-get-tired-of-superhero-movies-kevin-feige-doesnt-think-so/

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