White Sox, Tony La Russa try to stay afloat after another homestand gone bad

It’s hard to know for sure just how angry and outraged fans would’ve been had the White Sox blown a three-run lead in the ninth inning Sunday against the Orioles and lost — again — for a four-game sweep. But as reliever Kendall Graveman walked the high wire, it was easy to imagine every Sox fan who has yet to call for manager Tony La Russa’s dismissal joining the chorus of those who’ve been doing just that.

Graveman and the Sox survived 4-3, but let’s face it: As they hit the West Coast for series against the Angels and Giants, the Sox are still a mess. It might take a miracle for them to avoid digging an even deeper hole in the American League Central before the All-Star break. The chorus? It’s just warming up.

Yet there’s a widespread belief among those close to the game that Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf won’t stand for the removal of La Russa during the season. Why is that? The men are close friends. More than that, Reinsdorf’s reputation and ego are on the line, considering he wanted La Russa to come back at 76 after 10 seasons away from the dugout. And an even bigger factor, many say: Reinsdorf doesn’t believe in changing managers during the season.

But keep these names in mind: Tim Floyd, Bill Cartwright, Scott Skiles and Fred Hoiberg. Each of those Bulls coaches was treated to an in-season kicking to the curb. We’re pretty sure Reinsdorf owns that team, too.

And La Russa was fired by Reinsdorf’s Sox once before, of course. It was in 1986 — June of, to be more precise. Here’s what’s happening:

MON 27

White Sox at Angels (8:38 p.m., NBCSCH)

Lucas Giolito has allowed more than an earned run per inning over his last five starts, which he describes as “brutal” — and which Sox fans describe as “fire Tony!”

TUE 28

Astros at Mets (6:10 p.m., TBS)

Somebody forgot to tell the Astros — 4-2 against the Yankees and Mets over the last week — that this season is supposed to be all about the New York teams.

Reds at Cubs (7:05 p.m., Marquee)

The Battle for the Basement is here, and we can tell by the looks on your faces that you’re less than riveted. Look, it’s either this or “America’s Got Talent.”

White Sox at Angels (8:38 p.m., NBCSCH)

The Angels have gone from a 27-17 start to a colossal losing streak to firing Joe Maddon to all-too-familiar “How can a team with Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout be this bad?” territory. We probably should’ve seen it coming.

USWNT vs. Colombia (9 p.m., ESPN)

One last friendly for the U.S. before qualifying for the 2023 Women’s World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics begins.

WED 29

Sun at Sky (11 a.m., Marquee, NBA TV)

A morning start? What is this, college? The game plan for both teams: Nobody oversleep!

Union at Fire (7 p.m., Ch. 9)

How many times has Philly lost this season? Try once. Believe it or not, it wasn’t against the Fire.

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels

This Ohtani kid might be pretty good someday.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

White Sox at Angels (8:38 p.m., NBCSCH)

Nothing to see here, folks — just the best baseball player on the planet throwing smoke from the mound and taking monster cuts at the plate. We’re talking about Ohtani, in case that needed clearing up.

THU 30

Padres at Dodgers (9:10 p.m., FS1)

Let’s see, Yu Darvish isn’t pitching. Fernando Tatis Jr. isn’t playing. What the heck are we supposed to get aggravated about?


White Sox at Giants (9:15 p.m., NBCSCH)

Neither of these teams is anywhere close to as good as it was in 2021, but at least the Giants have yet to spend a single day below .500 this season. What do they know about suffering?


Mercury at Sky (noon, ESPN)

The Mercury officially labeled their recent breakup with star Tina Charles a “contract divorce,” but it could have been worse — at least they got to keep the arena.

Red Sox at Cubs (6:15 p.m., Fox-32)

The Red Sox aren’t bad at all, but they have no shot whatsoever to catch the Yankees. As opposed to the Cubs, who have no shot whatsoever to catch anybody.


Red Sox at Cubs (1:20 p.m., Marquee)

Combined, Fenway Park and Wrigley Field are a whopping 218 years old. That’s nearly as old as long-ago Cub Rich Hill, who’s lined up to start for the visitors.

White Sox at Giants (3:05 p.m., NBCSCH)

Savor every moment of this one, Sox fans, because what’s coming next is just plain terrifying: another homestand.

USFL championship (6:30 p.m., Fox-32)

Does it get any better than the Philadelphia Stars against the Birmingham Stallions in Canton, Ohio, for all the marbles? Don’t answer that.

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