What Each Succession Season 4 Episode 5 Outfit Says About the Characters

If there’s anyone who needs to watch their neck in Norway, it’s ole Tommy Wambsgans, who last week got dressed down by Karl and told that he’s seen as a sad, clinging buffoon whose only ally (Logan) is deader than disco. Unlike Greg, the other half of the “Disgusting Brothers,” Tom has shame, and he’s trying desperately to maintain some semblance of integrity. When we first see him headed to Norway, he’s in a black turtleneck, a blazer, khakis, and some bright white sneakers that look like something Kendall would wear. 

Tom is also wearing his wedding ring despite the fact that he and Shiv are still separated and she doesn’t want reconciliation, though whether that’s a show of his continued feelings for her or his loyalty to the Roy family is anyone’s guess. (It’s probably both, because he is the human equivalent of a kicked puppy, and he’s “here to serve.” His words, not mine.) 

When everyone heads outside for a more informal cookout later in the day, Tom changes into slightly more casual fare, sans blazer and turtleneck. He keeps the solid white sneakers, however, which Shiv kicks rocks at in an attempt to rile him up. He gets so flustered that he slaps at her earring, the two bickering like a pair of schoolchildren instead of some of the most rich and powerful people in the world. The fact that Shiv might be bringing a kid into all of this as well makes the whole thing even more nightmarish, and poor Tom has no idea. 

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