This Brooklyn cheese shop blends tradition and innovation to create mouth-watering mozzarella.

NEW YORK — Mozzlab, an Italian cheese shop in Carroll Gardens, blends traditional hand stretching with modern machinery to produce fresh, homemade mozzarella daily. In addition to making classic Italian dishes, Vito, the resident Italian cheesemaker, takes an experimental approach with his Mozzbagels, putting a spin on the New York classic and turning it into a cheese lover’s dream.

“I think the Mozzbagel could definitely replace bread,” says Maya Berna, Vito’s daughter and Mozzlab’s store manager. “That’s all you really need in life!”

Another unexpected delicacy at the shop is the mozzarella cannoli, a savory take on the Sicilian dessert topped with crushed pistachios. For less experimental eaters, Mozzlab also handcrafts familiar favorites including burrata, smoked mozzarella, and ricotta.

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