“The Flash” Director Talks Miller’s Return

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Whilst the long-awaited release of “The Flash” has scored rave reviews and plenty of excitement, the campaign around it remains under the dark cloud of its leading star Ezra Miller’s abuse allegations and legal issues.

Miller has, of course, publicly apologised for their actions and in January accepted a plea deal to avoid jail time, ensuring they’ll seek mental health treatment. Even so, the biggest question hovering over the film, aside from its box-office fate is whether Miller will continue in the role beyond this.

In an upcoming episode of The Discourse podcast over at The Playlist, the filmmaker and his producing partner Barbara Muschietti raved about Miller’s performance as Barry Allen.

Then asked if there is a chance Miller could be replaced in a sequel due to their personal issues, the pair say there isn’t anyone else who can take over the role and do it better:

Andy: “If [a sequel] happens, yes [Miller would return]. I don’t think there’s anyone that can play that character as well as they did. The other depictions of the character are great, but with this particular vision of the character, they just excelled in doing it. And, as you said, the two Barrys – it feels like a character that was made for them.”

Barbara: “In principal photography, Ezra was brilliant and the most committed and the most professional [actor]. Ezra gave everything for this role – physically, creatively, and emotionally. They were absolutely supreme.”

Of course, another issue with “The Flash” is that it was made under a previous DC Studios regime, and new co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are rebooting the superhero universe. Though supportive of the new film, it’s not clear what their plans are for The Flash character at present.

“The Flash” is set to open in cinemas on June 16th.

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