The Boogeyman Director Rob Savage Wants To Continue Making Horror Movies [Exclusive]

There’s no doubt Rob Savage has a knack for horror. As /Film’s Ben Pearson pointed out in his review of “The Boogeyman,” the man “knows exactly how to push all the right buttons and pull all the right levers to engineer maximum potency, utilizing classical set-ups and pay-offs in entertaining, satisfying ways.” Which, alongside Stephen King’s endorsement and the fact he’s getting a theatrical release for his Disney debut, bodes well for the director’s future.

And if you ask the man himself, he’s more than happy with the trajectory he’s on, especially if it allows him to keep making horror films. Ben spoke to Savage about his future ambitions, with the director saying, “I love horror. I’m happy to stay in horror as long as they keep letting me make great horror movies. I think horror’s beautiful because you can kind of do anything within the horror space.”

Interestingly enough, Savage went on to provide some insight into the genesis of “The Boogeyman,” which was apparently “pitched as ‘Ordinary People’ meets ‘Poltergeist.'” The filmmaker added:

“The idea there was that we’d really attack these family scenes as though we were making a real drama, and they wanted to feel meaty. The performances were so important to me, and some of the scenes that I’m proudest of were just between the characters. Being able to do that while also getting to make a squishy monster movie is the dream, so I’m going to keep on trucking as long as I can.”

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