The 12 Best Kristen Wiig Movies, Ranked

The biopic parody is a fairly niche genre, and not many films pull it off well. One that does, however, is 2007’s “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox” story, which had something of a winding road to success. Though it was received well by critics at the time, it totally bombed at the box office. Since then, though, it has become something of a cult classic, with viewers finally recognizing its comedic brilliance.

John C. Reilly plays the title character, a young man from Alabama who becomes a rock star. Dewey struggles to make a name for himself, battling drug addiction, changes in the music industry, and anger management issues. The film most clearly pokes fun at “Ray” and “Walk the Line,” but it’s such a brilliant take on the biopic that it’s really a parody of the entire genre. It also has an incredible supporting cast, including Kristen Wiig, who plays Dewey’s childhood sweetheart, Edith, with whom he has a child.

It’s hard not to think of “Dewey Cox” every time you watch a music biopic because of how effectively it skewers the genre, but it’s also an incredibly well-made (and well-acted) film with some surprisingly great original songs. Wiig is hilarious as Dewey’s 12-year-old girlfriend, a perfect send-up of Johnny Cash’s absurdly unsympathetic first wife in “Walk the Line.” Her performance is an impeccable interpretation of an ingenious script.

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