Succession’s Latest Episode Is A Sequel To One Of Season 2’s Most Skin-Crawling Hours

The performance of all three Roy siblings is noteworthy because this is the first proper episode where we get to see them work without their father in charge. “Tern Haven” took place at the height of Logan’s influence; not only did he have Kendall back under his control, but he’d successfully roped the once-independent Shiv into the company, putting her in a position where nearly everything in her life rested on her father’s decisions. 

As a whole, the three siblings handled themselves much better in this week’s sequel episode, serving as a subtle condemnation of Logan’s whole leadership style. It vindicates Shiv in particular, implying that her meltdown in “Tern Haven” was more a reflection of her father’s emotional manipulations, not one of her own incompetence. 

The most worrying sign in this episode is not the handling of the merger, however, but the continued fracturing of the sibling alliance. As the season premiere showed, Kendall, Roman and Shiv are at their most powerful when they’re working together, but this episode features Kendall badmouthing Logan in the press without his siblings’ consent, Roman letting ATN hold an open line to a fascist presidential candidate’s editorial input, and Shiv making power plays behind her brothers’ backs. At this rate, it’s hard to imagine the “Three F**kateers” (as Roman put it this week) sticking together long term. 

But although the trio will always be a bunch of out-of-touch nepo babies, they’ve definitely matured at least a little bit over the course of the show. Logan’s always seemed to believe the whole company would fall apart without him in charge, but so far the Roy kids have proven him wrong. Regardless of what happens next, that alone is a worthy win. 

New episodes of “Succession” air Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max.

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