Succession Is Happening One Day At A Time, And That’s Terrifying

In previous seasons, “Succession” thrived in its time gaps. Episodes were weeks apart, showing the big moments where the family would come together for birthday parties, company events, and crucial days at work. If every single episode of this season is just another day in this two-week span, then that means every moment is crucial. So far, it’s doing wonders for the experience of watching the show. With the pace slowed down, we get to endure crucial moments both big and small with the Roy siblings.

When they discover that their dad has collapsed on a plane, the world comes to a halt. Everything feels frantic and panicked, but we watch the phone call with Tom go down in real-time, as medics do chest compressions on Logan in the background. We share in the experience of disbelief and panic to painful acceptance. We watch them collect themselves in the aftermath.

One of the most quietly devastating moments of the fourth episode was far less seismic. It’s a minute-long exchange between Roman and Kendall, when they’re ushered into their dad’s study after being crowned as the new leaders of Waystar. Glancing at his desk, they’re both struck by his absence — not as CEO, but as their father. “Did you know he did sudoku?” Roman asked. Sounding unsure, Kendall mumbled, “I think I knew that.” There are more of these small moments littered throughout the episodes — the siblings chatting on private jets, calling each other from hotel bathrooms, and joking through the pain. Each one speaks volumes about where they are emotionally, one of the most important things to track as the season progresses.

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