Stray mod lets you play as America’s laziest cat, Garfield

Over a week ago, if you’d of mentioned ginger cats to me, my first thought would’ve been Garfield. Now, however, my first thought is of a very different, unnamed ginger kitty from Stray, but that doesn’t mean Garfield doesn’t still hold a special place in my heart.

One modder, who clearly has similar interests, has made it so that Garfield finds himself astray in the unknown world of The Slums, Midtown, and beyond. We’ve seen keen modders flock to Annapurna’s most successful launch and turn the protagonist of Stray into a dog, and even into CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Obviously, Garfield is perhaps the most fitting of all the character mods we’ve seen so far.

Catch the trailer for Stray here.

If you’re one of the many players that are playing Stray via PC, you can also play as Garfield to your heart’s content. Modder, Chris Robino, has made the mod publicly available on Nexus Mods.

Garfield in Midtown in Stray.
Garfield fits in pretty well, don’t you think?

Garfield, understandably, doesn’t blend into the environment as well as our original protagonist. He looks a hell of a lot more cartoonish and is certainly much bigger (thanks to the lasagna), but he can traverse the environment as well as any cat.

That said, Garfield feels fun in Stray, but very out of place. There’s simply no way that Garfield would go to all this effort for some robots without any real food being offered, let’s be real.

If you’re yet to play Stray, I’d certainly recommend introducing yourself to the original Outsider first time around. However, there’s certainly nothing stopping you from taking Garfield, or CJ, on this adventure if you wish.

Have you picked up Stray recently? Let us know what you think of the game and all the mods being made for it down below. Alternatively, don’t forget to collect all of B-12’s memories and Morusque’s Sheet Music before you move on to the next adventure!

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