Redemption Is The Best Action Scene Ever

But wait! Even when Rama fends off all the attackers and manages to get Bowo to safety in the room of the man he and Bowo previously encountered at the beginning of the film, “The Raid” doesn’t let up for long. We get a brief respite for Rama to patch up his comrade, but the danger isn’t nearly over with as a fearsome gang of machete-wielding enemies only have to follow the trail of bodies leading up to their makeshift hideout. When they track them to the room, the movie delivers a very different kind of tension as the two cops barely avoid their pursuers by hiding within the walls of the room. With the coast seemingly clear, Rama leaves Bowo behind and ventures out on his own to reunite with the remaining SWAT team … only to stumble right into even more deadly enemies.

This second and even more merciless hallway fight elevates this entire portion of the film to all-timer status. Stretching out over 5 relentless minutes, the extended second half of the sequence delivers some of the nastiest kills, most iconic visuals (such as the camera tilting nearly onto its side when Rama encounters a locked door, trapping him in another hallway with his bloodthirsty foes, who line up against him on the opposite end), and thoroughly inventive choreography to make up for Rama’s lack of any physical weapons at all — beyond the use of his own fists, elbows, and feet, that is.

Granted, the action descends multiple stories and spans multiple different locations (including a stairwell, a neon-lit room, and a final jump out the window to a fire escape several feet below) in this second “hallway” fight. Still, this is undoubtedly the moment “The Raid” truly came into its own.

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