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It was never meant to be cheap to deal with things that involve time, not only because it is the most essential thing in this world, but also because it is the most expensive forte. Time is money, whether you want to keep a record of that or you want to buy that. There is a strong correlation between time and watches and for this reason, watches show their worth through their hefty price tag. In the world of the wealthy, time is one of the most valuable commodities. People spend millions of dollars every year just to save a few minutes. Luxury watch brands employ this concept to appeal to rich people since they know how valuable time-measuring instruments, are to them. Having a watch collection also means a lot to some people who appreciate the efforts behind making a watch. There is a big difference between people who just wear watches to express money and those who value the time, and effort that it takes to make a watch and the story that the watches want to express through its design and motto. Unlike more luxury watch that sells their names, the Italic brand Davis Elvin is one the most top-notch brands that not only know the importance of time but also provides value through the material and its design for those who are really into the avocation of the watch industry and appreciate even the smallest detailing of watches. Logically, does Davis Elvin looks like something that is expensive or does the design make the people think it looks more impressive than its actual cost? Let’s dive deep into it.


Davis Elvin since the time of its making, turned the tables in the watch industry. This was because of the designs that it represented, unlike any other watch. Most watches follow the norms of keeping things as simple as possible and cost high because of their renowned watch brand. This to some extent is quite acceptable because it takes time to make your watch brand have a quick currency form, but merely their old fashion thoughts do not worth the passion that satisfies the appetite of people who love watch-wearing. Davis Elvin on the other hand is a brand that has been making watches on their extremely imaginative form of designs and concepts. For people who recognize the worth of watches and look at the design patterns can judge that the watch design is second to none and it took a lot of time and expert designing experience to make such a watch. For further simplicity let’s take a look at some of the examples of Davis Elvin watches and take a quick review of their worth. For more details click here.

Sicily ES01-1:

ES01-1 is a beautiful watch from the Sicily series that was designed for females. In the making of this design, creators utilized the peak of their thinking and creative ability and thought of something that is not only soft and delicate but also brave and free as representing strong women with beautiful hearts. For this purpose, they utilized Parnassius Apollo, a strong yet vulnerable elf that grows on the plateau. The idea of this was to shape this elf into the shape of a beautiful butterfly, this combines two concepts of being bold and brave and free like a butterfly. Next, the numbers around were designed to be in Arabic letters, which represent the Mediterranean touch used in the style, and were given the shape of beautiful blooming flowers with the butterfly in the center. The overall design represented a strong butterfly that was flying freely among the blooming flowers. There is so much detail in just a small piece of the dial representing that the creators used a lot and dedication and it is not a thing to be taken lightly.

Roma DR05-X:

DR05-X is an astonishing watch of the Roma series where they have used the word X to represent the design and detailing. The letter X here means infinity and unknown. Normally taken in the sense of being hopeful about the unknown future that it is going to be bright. Designers used this sense to create a dazzling triple X in a square that is represented through multilayers of design patterns and leaves a person wandering into its complexity and beauty.

The above-given examples just give a little hint of the concept Davis Elvin is trying to convey. This Italic brand stands still on its motto of “Dare to love dare to be different”. The above-mentioned designs tell this story. If taken into account the detailing and the design itself cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and for such a noteworthy watch and in the present era of the fashion industry, these designs are worth all the hype. All these products are available on the official website of DAVIS ELVIN.


Another important factor that concludes Davis Elvin watch to be a top-tier elite watch is the amount of clean detailing present in its design. In every inventory of this brand, you will see the amount of careful detailing and finishing done with neatness. Neatness matters the most among something that people consider rich. Having overgrown paints, and poor finishing of the engraved patterns and logos makes a person dishearted and his mind swirls into the thoughts that the watch belongs to the least tier quality. But this is not the case with the Davis Elvin, every single piece is carefully manufactured and painted and it takes a lot of time to finish such a watch with high-end detailing. This counts as top-tier watch brand quality.


The grade of material used determines the quality of the product and some materials are known to be strong and highly expensive such as carbon fiber and titanium alloy and those are easily recognizable. Davis Elvin use uses these top-tier materials in their watches that automatically set an elite tier class for this watch brand. Also, the specifications for these watches are found in the best watches ever made. For the materials, this trendy watch brand uses high-strength elements like a carbon fiber body case, titanium alloy crown, fluoro rubber band, and the use of sapphire crystal which are easily recognizable and set a high price in mind at the first glance. Also, for the specifications, Davis Elvin comes with some best features such as

  • Swiss Auto ETA 2824-2 Movement.
  • 3 Bar (30m) Water Resistance.
  • 42-hour power reserve.
  • Glow in Dark concept.

For a watch with these features people are willing to pay just few of thousand dollar and combined with the brand ideology of futuristic design concepts the Davis Elvin watches comes in the ranking of the most expensive watches and hence are surely considered to be rich.


Davis Elvin although comes with a much better price tag because it cost what it delivers but the high-end detailing and futuristic design give the viewers an idea of how much time has been spent on a single piece and we all know that time is money. The materials utilized in the making and the storytelling of design make these watches a spaceship from another planet and are sure to turn heads. These watches are undoubtedly a masterpiece of specs and unlike most brands, Davis Elvin does not sell its name by remembering the past rather it focuses more on the future and is considered a notable trendy watch brand. These watches are surely considered rich not only because of their high-end neat and clear design but also for the features it delivers which cost thousands of dollars in the present era of this world. For online purchases and more information, you can check out the official website of the Davis Elvin and their team is also available on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, IG @daviselvin_watch, and Fb @DAVIS ELVIN, do follow them for more updates. To purchase any product, please go to this website by clicking here.

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