PlayStation 5 Scalping Is Finally Over

Sony Interactive Ent.

Earlier this year Sony declared that the shortage of PlayStation 5 consoles is officially over and now, several months past that statement, the issue of consoles being scalped has also been declared over according to several outlets like Gaming Bible, Playstation Lifestyle and The Gamer.

In fact, the outlets indicate those groups who stocked up on PS5s to sell are apparently having such a hard time offloading their inventory that they are selling off the console for less than retail price – as low as $400 in some cases.

Like other in-demand products, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles were limited for the past few years due to global supply chain disruptions – a situation made worse by opportunists using bots to buy up units and then reselling them in online marketplaces for jacked-up prices.

It took over two years before the issues started easing, and for the past few months, consoles have been quite easily obtainable from retailers.

In fact quite a few of the listings now online for the ‘PS5 God of War Ragnarok’ bundles suggest scalpers stocked up late last year just as the supply chain improved.

Threads on Reddit are understandably having a field day over the news, with no sympathy whatsoever for the scalpers.

All outlets suggest sticking with retailers who have not only fresher stock but receipts for warranty purposes.

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