Picard Season 3, Ranked Worst To Best

Hiding in plain sight throughout the season, as a voice in Jack’s head and a melting meat mask projection on the Shrike, the Borg Queen is arguably now more classic a big bad than Khan, having been Picard’s arch-nemesis across one movie and now two series, and Kathryn Janeway’s in one too. “Picard” Season 2 made it look like the Borg would follow in the footsteps of Klingons and Ferengi, as the former arch-enemies turned into Federation allies. Apparently, somebody realized they’re just too good as villains to wholly convert, so it seems the Agnes Jurati Borg were mere outliers. The original Queen (Alice Krige), repeatedly previously destroyed, just won’t stay down. 

As if to underscore her nightmarish plans to hurt Picard by putting his son through the worst thing he ever experienced, the Queen now sports a frightening, H.R. Giger-esque body that resembles nothing so much as the twisted Ripley clones in “Alien Resurrection.” A grotesque semblance of a descendant is what she is, and what she wants to make Jack. And like so many fascists on the Internet these days, she knows how to take a once-fatherless young man’s loneliness and twist it, giving him a feeling of belonging and connection, and a group hatred of the wrong enemies.

True love saves the day in the end, rather than the narcotic effect of interconnection. The Queen has come back from total annihilation before, though, so eternal vigilance remains the price of freedom from her clutches.

Source : https://www.slashfilm.com/1265834/star-trek-picard-season-3-major-character-ranked/

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