Overwatch 2’s Lifeweaver is already getting some changes

Lifeweaver only just joined Overwatch 2 a couple of weeks ago, but he’s already getting some big changes.

The latest support hero and healer, Lifeweaver joined the first person shooter earlier this month, but he’s already being treated to a onceover as fans found him to be a bit lacking. Compared to other supports, there wasn’t much going for him as a character that meant he was worth playing over any other. Lead hero designer Alec Dawson shared some of the changes coming to the character next week on a Twitter thread to highlight some of the potential improvements.

For Healing Blossom, the ammo count has been raised from 12 up to 20, and “slow during charge now kicks in 1 second after fully charging.” The spread of Thorn Volley has been tightened as well. Lifeweaver’s ultimate ability Tree of Life, an ability that spawns a tree that heals anyway within its radius, has had its health raised from 1000 to 1200, and its per pulse healing has been raised from 50 to 75. Lastly, Parting Gift has been flat out removed.

Game director Aaron Keller also shared some of the other changes coming to Lifeweaver in a new blog post, relating to his control scheme in particular. For one, Thorn Volley has been moved to alternate fire, and Rejuvenating Dash is now activated with double jump. Petal Platform has now been moved to ability slot one, and is now cancelable by pressing the button again. Finally, “the passive reload will be slowed for the weapon that Lifeweaver isn’t currently using.”

These changes will all be arriving in a couple of days time, April 25, so it remains to be seen how players will respond to them. He has the potential to be a strong hero, but like with any live service game, sometimes some tweaks are needed.

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