Kurtzman Talks “Star Trek” Mini-Series Plans


With “Picard” ending its run shortly and “Star Trek: Discovery” wrapping up its fifth and final season in 2024, the future of “Star Trek” on TV isn’t clear.

“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” is getting a second season airing this year and recently indications are a third is on the way even though an official renewal announcement hasn’t been made as yet. That season will likely air in the back half of 2024.

But what about beyond that? “Star Trek” overseer Alex Kurtzman has previously talked about other spin-offs like “Section 31” and “Starfleet Academy,” but none of those seems to have progressed or generated much excitement from the fanbase.

One idea that is being considered though is the Disney+ approach taken with Marvel and Star Wars – a limited series centered around specific characters. In an interview with SFX Magazine to promote “Picard,” Kurtzman says:

“Individual characters – I think we could absolutely continue to tell stories about individual characters that are set up on the show [Picard] in other contexts. That’s the beauty of having a universe now is that, in a perfect world, we’re not just doing seasons of television, we’re doing event series, we’re doing single events that could be two, three hours long. I think that we are now at a place where that’s really possible.”

The comments follow on from those earlier this week by showrunner Terry Matalas and several of the show’s stars hoping to carry on after a third season with a new series called “Star Trek: Legacy”.

Said limited series need not be just the “Picard” cast and could incorporate other characters – Kurtzman and actress Kate Mulgrew appeared together at NYCC 2022 and teased a live-action project with Mulgrew reprising her Kathryn Janeway role from “Star Trek: Voyager”. No word on any progress there, but Kurtzman says plans are underway:

“[W]e have plans for new things… there’s quite a few plans, and you’ll hear about them soon. We will continue to expand the Star Trek universe, absolutely. I can tell you that we’re still very excited about Section 31. And that’s all I will say.”

A Michelle Yeoh-led “Section 31” limited ‘event’ series sounds more likely than an ongoing series due to Oscar winner Yeoh’s schedule. Whatever the case, more news could be coming soon with First Contact Day on April 5th likely to see something Trek-related happening.

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