Kambel Smith is an Autisarian with a gift for turning cardboard into works of art

Philadelphia, Pa. — Kambel Smith can take cardboard and turn it into just about anything-from sculptures of the Lincoln Memorial to the Woolworth building to the Chinatown Arch.

He’s entirely self-taught, creates non-stop, and has a jaw-dropping attention to detail.

He started with drawings, then painting on canvas, then painting on cardboard boxes when his dad could no longer afford the canvases.

His dad Lonnie says he is the leader of the autisarians.

Autisarian is the family’s way of reframing autism, seeing it not as a disorder, but as a gift of super human ability.

“I’m not no autistic, Kambel says, “Call me autisarian.”

Source : https://abc13.com/autisarian-autisim-artist-creative/11804491/

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