Humble ISD: Kingwood Park High School fights bring parents to urge community to come together, help stop the violence

KINGWOOD, Texas (KTRK) — After two Kingwood Park High School students were hospitalized in two separate incidents, a parent believes more needs to be done and is calling on the community for help.

On Wednesday, Humble ISD confirms two students went into a bathroom, and one started attacking the other. The student’s family said he was hospitalized for three days. ABC13 is not naming the student at this time after the student and his family has received threats to their safety following the incident.

On Thursday, Cheyla Glenn said she was reading about Wednesday’s incident when she got a call from one of her sons.

“I was at work and as my son was seizing,” Glenn said. “My other son called me and told me I need to get to the school. He got hit and he’s seizing on the ground.”

Glenn said the school administration staff showed her video of the incident and it matched her son’s story of the attack.

“Found out he tried to defend another student from getting jumped and it didn’t go as planned,” Glenn said. “He got shoved from behind. Shoved to the ground and that’s when they started kicking him on the side of his head until he started seizing.”

Her son, who is junior in high school, was hospitalized and will have to see a neurologist.

Glenn believes the same group of students are involved in the two separate incidents. Glenn believes this group allegedly has some connection to a gang or has a gang-like mentality.

She said she will be keeping all of her children home from school until corrective action is taken.

Both parents told ABC13 they plan to press charges.

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“We all need to stick together and we need to get justice for the boys for what has happened the last two days,” Glenn said. “We need to put a stop to all of it and something needs to be done for the safety of the other students. There are other students in this school who are afraid to come to school now because of these two incidents that have happened. Our children shouldn’t be afraid.”

Humble ISD sent the following statement to parents on Thursday and to ABC13:

“Dear Kingwood Park Families,

Since yesterday afternoon, we have been working to gather facts and present them to authorities. As you can understand, investigators need time to do their work so that we can share factual information.

On Wednesday, at approximately 12:30 p.m. during Flex Hour, two male students exchanged words in a hallway and agreed to go into a restroom, where the disagreement changed from words to a physical altercation. Other students came into the restroom to watch, and some students took videos with their phones. One of the students was hit in the face and jaw several times.

A student then went across the hall from the restroom and informed a teacher, who responded immediately. Administrators, police and the school nurse responded immediately. The boy who had left the restroom was located within minutes.

The student required medical attention. The other student is now facing consequences. Humble ISD Police are in the process of presenting evidence to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is the jurisdiction that has the authority to file criminal charges.

Additionally, today during Flex Hour, seven students were involved in a fight in which one student needed medical attention following the fight. Administrators and police are investigating this incident. Students involved have been identified. We are in contact with their parents and consequences will be determined.

These incidents are unacceptable for our school. There are consequences for behavior that impacts student well-being and the learning environment.

We are aware of rumors on social media and work with our police to investigate. Classes will be held as usual Friday. Parents are always free to send a note that their student is absent, if the parent chooses to keep them home. Additional police officers will be present on campus as a precautionary measure. Effective Friday, April 29, our bell schedule will include three lunch periods instead of all students being together in one Flex Hour until further notice.

I want to encourage any student who witnesses a situation in progress to immediately inform an adult. To watch a situation play out and take video provides attention to the assailant and encourages more violence. Please report any concerns to school staff, Humble ISD Police at 281-641-7900, or through the Humble ISD iHELP app.


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