“GoldenEye” Hits Switch & Xbox Friday

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After so many years, Rare’s iconic 1990s James Bond video game “GoldenEye” is finally coming to modern platforms – specifically the Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass this Friday, January 27th.

The date was announced earlier today and follows years of speculation and a ton of legal and bureaucratic red tape to have been waded through in order to get to this point. At last though it’s finally arriving.

The game has seen some minor updates to run in high resolution and at a much smoother frame rate, which will come in handy for the four-player split-screen multiplayer.

This is certainly no remake and not really even a remaster, so it remains a very 1990s game complete with low-resolution textures, flat lighting and rough sound and animation. However, it will run clearer, load faster and should offer better quality – especially via the Xbox Series X|S.

On Microsoft platforms, the game is only coming to Xbox Game Pass at this stage and NOT to PC. Nor is there any sign of a PlayStation version. On Nintendo Switch it will only be available as part of Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 library.

The Switch version will reportedly work with the wireless N64 controller, the way the game was originally designed. How the game will hold up almost 26 years after it debuted on the N64 – that’s a wait-and-see but expect a whole bunch of nostalgia about the game to be floating around social media spheres this weekend.

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