Get Foxy In Turn-Based Diablo-Like ‘Of Blades & Tails’ Coming To Switch 2023

Get Foxy In Turn-Based Diablo-Like 'Of Blades & Tails' Coming To Switch 2023

Disney’s Robin Hood was never given an official tie-in video game, but if it ever did, then we would hope that it would look a little something like Of Blades & Tails, an action-oriented turn-based RPG which will be coming to Switch next year.

The top-down pixelated RPG market is a tough industry for games to stand out in, but in how many other RPGs do you get to play as a fox with a sword? You will play as Reik, a well-respected member of the fox tribe who journeys across a fantastical land inhabited by a host of different animals. Expect hack-and-slash combat in a turn-based format as you either follow the main story or search for treasures in dungeons.

Publisher Pineapple Works cite a number of inspirations for the game, from the top-down gameplay of Diablo to the deep lore of Inherit the Earth — the latter of which provides a clear jumping-off point for this fox-based adventure. We know that these suggestions are pretty wide-reaching, so check out some of the game’s features below to get a taste of what the fantasy RPG has in store:

– Turn-based Combat that allows for quick action or strategic planning
An Open World with lots of places to discover
A fresh, animalistic setting in a vibrant pixel art look
Procedural-generated dungeons and caves
A Main Storyline and various side quests
Classless Character Development with many abilities to unlock
Equipment of different qualities and Unique Items with special powers
Hunt giant bugs or gather herbs and other useful resources
Many Enemy Types with different skills that may require tactical decisions
Join factions to gain access to even more refined skills and equipment
Trade with rats and other profit-seeking animals
… and more to come!

Be it the classic top-down gameplay, open-world missions or the fact that it’s all framed through a heroic fox, we think that Of Blades & Tails looks set to be a lot of fun.

While there is no official release date yet, Pineapple Works have stated that we will be able to get our hands on the game in Q3 2023 — now, how long is that in fox years?

What do you make of this upcoming game? Burrow down to the comments and let us know!

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