Farworld Pioneers looks like a blend of RimWorld and Starbound

Farworld Pioneers has the side-view construction and interplanetary exploration of Starbound, but adds the colony management of RimWorld. That sort of videogame-maths is useful, but in this instance it obscures the ambition of smooshing two huge games together. You should compensate for my shortcut description by watching the trailer below.

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Xbox might be teasing Psychonauts 3 on Twitter

A tweet from the Xbox Australia and New Zealand account might – might! – be teasing Psychonauts 3. That’s the conclusion of much of the internet, anyway. The tweet features a picture of a noughts and crosses board (aka tic-tac-toe) in which the letters for PSYCHO are written in pink and interspersed with three green Xs.

Psycho. Noughts and crosses. Three Xs. You can see where they’re coming from.

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