Fall Guys datamine shows some speedy beans in a Sonic-themed stage

Fall Guys datamine shows some speedy beans in a Sonic-themed stage

Fall Guys is clearly desperate to go fast, as a datamine has shown off a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed stage in action.

Back in 2020, Sonic made his first appearance in the bean-themed battle royale with a skin of the fastest hedgehog alive. So far any collaborations Fall Guys has had with other properties has been relegated to cosmetic, but recently fans have spotted what appears to be an entire Sonic-themed stage coming to the game.

The screenshot of the Sonic stage was included in the ‘next up’ screen, most likely as a mistake, but obviously this had fans wondering what this meant. And now, dataminer FGPancake has managed to find the actual stage in the game, as well as load it in and play around in it.

Unsurprisingly, the stage is based on Green Hill Zone, the most iconic of all Sonic stages, with those bright greens and checkered walls. There is a loop-de-loop in there too, though considering the beans aren’t particularly fast, it’s just a pipe that you get sucked through. You’ll also find the instantly recognisable bounce pads to jump off of. And of course the stage is adorned with rings, which naturally offer speed boosts.

Best of all, the stage is apparently called Bean Hill Zone, which is better than any pun we could ever come up with. Mediatonic is yet to officially acknowledge the existence of the stage though so it’s unclear what the stage will actually end up being like.

Last month’s Sonic Central did show off another Sonic collaboration, bringing Sonic back as a costume alongside Knuckles and Tails. They’re set to arrive in August, so we can probably expect the stage to launch around then too.

Since going free-to-play, Fall Guys has managed to surpass 50 million players, a pretty impressive feat for a game about jumping beans.

Source : https://www.vg247.com/fall-guys-datamine-sonic-stage

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