Even James Bond Couldn’t Prepare Jeffrey Wright For The Intensity Of Batman Fans

Wright told the outlet that he spent a lot of time flying back and forth between his home in New York and London, where both shoots took place. He also spoke about the response to “The Batman.” He said: 

“Bond is the most successful franchise in cinema, but I’ll have to say that there’s a passion around Batman, and the level of expectation around Batman from fans — from a global audience that I’ve not experienced before, even these huge monster franchises that I’ve worked on — This is kind of new territory for me.”

Batman fans and DC fans, in general, are very, very passionate, often taking their opinions to extremes on social media. It’s not that Bond fans aren’t, of course. Both franchises have been around for a long time, with the first Batman comic appearing in 1939 and the first Bond book by Ian Fleming in 1953. Bond fans are very willing to get into a rousing discussion of who should be cast as the suave spy. It just doesn’t compare to the volume and frequency of social media posts about Batman. It’s got to be intimidating for any actor willing to take on a role in a Batman film.

Source : https://www.slashfilm.com/1263141/james-bond-couldnt-prepare-jeffrey-wright-intensity-batman/

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