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In October 2021’s episode of Royal Insight, Camilla Tominey explains why Prince Charles is likely to slim down the monarchy when he becomes king. 

The future monarch will take up residence in a flat above Buckingham Palace and further open the residence to the public, according to reports.

“There’s this sense that he wants a slimmed down monarchy to make sure that everybody is doing their bit and [there are] no so-called hangers-on,” says Tominey.

In the video above, she explains what a slimmed down monarchy is likely to look like and what impact it would have.

What will the monarchy look like in the future?

The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge reportedly held a summit to decide the future of the monarchy over the next two generations following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh in April 2021.

The Prince of Wales has long favoured a slimmed-down monarchy, which was originally modelled around a tight core of seven people: the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh; the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall; the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry.

Although Prince Harry is not in the direct line of succession, his role would have been to support the monarch until the Duke of Cambridge’s children were old enough to take on royal duties themselves. 

But following the departure of the Sussexes from royal life – as well as Prince Andrew halting official duties – there are “too few royals to go around” compared to what the public are used to.

Royal sources explained that the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, with the help of the Queen, will have to decide over the coming months whether the monarchy should continue with its traditional model of thousands of engagements each year, spread out between a broad base of full-time and part-time working royals, or cut down the number of engagements and patronages and use fewer members of the family to fulfil them.

One source said: “The question is whether you start off by deciding how many patronages and engagements there should be, and then work out how many people are needed to achieve them, or whether you decide how many people there should be, which will dictate how many engagements and patronages they can take on.”

Will Prince Charles live at Buckingham Palace when he is king?

The Prince of Wales will live in a “flat above the shop” in Buckingham Palace when he becomes King, according to plans reported by the Mail on Sunday. 

It is thought that the iconic residence, which is undergoing a £369 million renovation, will be opened up to visitors all year round rather than the current seasonal offering, giving members of the public more access than ever before.

The heir to the throne is also said to be considering transforming Balmoral into a museum to the Queen, who is known to adore the Highland retreat, in his bid to make Royal residences more accessible. 

Highgrove is expected to stay as the Prince of Wales’ favoured family home, while his official residence of Clarence House could be set aside for younger Royals. 

Clarence House declined to comment when approached at the time.

What does it mean to be a royal now?

Many believe that the role of a modern day royal has changed in recent years. Older generations of the monarchy have carried out their duties in the public eye by unveiling plaques or planting trees, for instance. But it seems there has been a recalibration to focus on “themes”.

The Duchess of Cambridge, for instance, has been active with her early childhood learning initiative, and the Duke of Cambridge has focussed on launching discussions on mental health. Many consider these types of undertakings as more relatable for the public.

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