Despite another year of support, The Division 2 won’t be getting a native PS5 or Xbox Series X/S version

Ubisoft recently hosted an event dedicated to catching everyone up on news from The Division sphere. We got a fresh look at The Division Heartland, the free-to-play PvEvP survival hybrid, as well as some updates about the mobile spin-off The Division Resurgence.

But the big news was arguably confirmation that The Division 2 will be getting one more year of support. Beginning in June, the game will kick off its Year 5, which is made up of four seasons.

Season One: Broken Wings marks the start of a new arc for the game’s story, and introduces a free mode called Descent, which brings a rogue-lite take on The Division’s gameplay, where up to four players start fresh with no gear or perks, and would need to unlock them as they go.

Future seasons will continue introducing Manhunts, events, a new Incursion. There’s even a fresh story DLC in development that’s going to add new areas, and missions to the game.

With all of that good news, you’d think renewing support for a fifth year of content and investing all that time and money would also include a big upgrade for new console owners, but that sadly won’t be the case.

The Division 2 creative director Yannick Banchereau told MP1st why you shouldn’t expect any major upgrades for PS5 or Xbox Series X/S.

“That’s unlikely because if we really wanted to take full advantage of those, since we only have one version of the game that is available on all platforms, taking full advantage of those would mean that the game would no longer be available on the old generations,” Banchereau explained.

“We still have a lot of players that play on all generations and we are not ready to leave them behind and ask them to upgrade. Right now we are trying to make sure every time we add something, it still runs smoothly on the old gen as well.”

As the site points out, The Division 2 does offer a better experience on PS5, and Xbox Series X/S thanks to an increase to 60fps and a resolution boost. Those additions arrived shortly after the launch of the new consoles, but that’s about the extent of support there.

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