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According to the recent new Lucasfilm leak sources, Darth Plagueis is rumored for The Acolyte involvement. Redditor u/Aesokas who has been posting some details on The Acolyte over the last week or so had a few more snippets to drop. These are specifically story related beats and as such I am not covering them here. If you do want the full picture, head over the Reddit link Here for full details.

However I do want to talk about this Plagueis rumor. The alleged leakers claim that although they have no specific details, they are sure Darth Plagueis does have a presence in this show. Whether that is an active presence to begin with we cannot say? What they do say, is that Sith Lord Paul (code name) who has previously been reported, is not Plagueis. Given how far in the past we are, it is possible Plagueis is still only an apprentice, or potential apprentice rather than a fully-fledged Sith Lord.

Since The Acolyte was first announced, fans have discussed whether Plagueis could show up. If somehow you’ve never seen Revenge of the Sith, then Plagueis was the former Sith Lord and master to Darth Sidious, aka Palpatine. It seems highly unlikely that we would get a young Palpatine appearance, at least not at this stage of the show.

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Since this report, there has been some speculation among the fan base. Including some outlets, there seems to be a lot of support for Plagueis beginning as another character, namely the fiend and fellow Acolyte of the lead, currently code named Aura. I don’t necessarily see the connections and so far there appears no evidence to support that speculation.

What do you think of Darth Plagueis rumored for The Acolyte involvement? Is Plagueis story one you’d like to see? It’s a tale the Jedi would tell you, that’s for sure. Leave it below as always.

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