CliffyB wants to bring back that game we all definitely remember, LawBreakers

Cliff Bleszinski, director of the hero shooter LawBreakers that shut down in 2018, seemingly wants to bring the game back.

I’m not going to judge you if you don’t remember LawBreakers, as not many people even played the game. But now, five years after the game shutdown, Bleszinksi (popularly known as CliffyB) is trying to bring it back. Publisher Nexon – who’s been in the news recently for lawsuit-related reasons – owns the rights to LawBreakers, having originally published the game and not having sold off the IP at any point. As a result, Bleszinski just flat out tweeted at Nexon’s CEO asking about a revival.

“Well, turns out Nexon does own the rights to LawBreakers,” wrote Bleszinski before tagging Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney and saying, “how about sliding into my DMs so we can talk about a resurrection?” Mahoney hasn’t responded to Mahoney’s tweet at the time of writing, but unless that guy that runs Twitter decides to make everyone’s DMs public, we won’t know if they had any contact or not.

It seems that Bleszinski doesn’t actually want to run the game himself, he just wants to try bringing the IP back. In response to a Twitter user asking behind the game designer’s intentions, Bleszinski wrote, “I’m over being CEO and lead designer. Shiz is exhausting. But if a 3rd party wants to resurrect it with Nexon I’m down for consulting.”

LawBreakers came out at a pretty bad time. For one, it was released just a year after Overwatch, another hero shooter that obviously proved very popular. And PUBG: Battlegrounds was released just a few months after LawBreakers, popularising the battle royale genre. This one’s important as Boss Key Productions, Bleszenski’s studio, tried to make its own battle royale, Radical Heights in an obvious rush to try and tap into the burgeoning genre. Paired with LawBreaker’s failure, and Radical Heights not performing well either, Boss Key Productions was shut down.

According to Bleszinski himself, LawBreaker’s failed because it was too “woke”, but maybe it’s just better to accept the world didn’t need (and probably still doesn’t need) another generic shooter.

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