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A pilot was forced to make a “touch and go” landing after strong winds caused a British Airways plane to run into trouble at Heathrow on Monday.

The BA flight from Aberdeen was coming in to land when the rear of the plane appeared to brush the runway. 

The pilot returned the plane to the skies before attempting a second landing and eventually landing safely.

Strong winds of up to 90mph battered Heathrow on Monday as Storm Corrie continued to cause havoc across the UK.

Footage of the frightening moment was caught by Jerry Dyer, the founder of Big Jet TV, a  live-streaming platform for aviation enthusiasts.

Mr Dyer shared the moment online, describing the tense situation as he watched the plane hit the runway at more than 160mph.

He said: “A full-on touch and go, with a tail strike… You could see the paint dust after contact, as well as the empennage shaking furiously as it dragged along the runway.”

“This pilot deserves a medal!”

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