Chinatown violent robbery: Nhung Truong speaks to ABC13 weeks after being injured by teen suspect

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — On February 13, Nhung Truong lived an ordinary life, but after a vicious robbery in broad daylight, she could no longer walk, she told ABC13 on Saturday.

“After going to the bank and withdrawing money, I went to Bellaire, but it happened so fast I really don’t remember it,” Truong said.

ORGINAL REPORT: Woman followed, robbed in Chinatown after making large cash withdrawal from miles away: HPD

According to police, two teens, who were arrested and charged, planned the attack. Joseph Harrell, 17, is said to be the person caught on camera physically assaulting Truong.

The second suspect, 19-year-old Zy’Nika Woods, is accused of following Truong for more than 20 miles after she withdrew cash from the bank and being the getaway driver.

“I’m feeling really scared that they are coming after us because of what happened. I need everyone’s help to get them the punishment they deserve,” Truong said.

RECENT UPDATE: Woman and 17-year-old arrested in Chinatown robbery that left woman with fractured spine, HPD says

The family told ABC13 that they are focused on creating a safe space for their mother so she can begin to heal.

Speaking through her daughter Ban, Truong tells ABC13 she has broken ribs and fractured her spine, which has left her paralyzed, but she is working towards walking again.

“I have to do exercises until I can walk again,” Truong said.

Harrell is being held on a $200,000 bond for this case and a $40,000 bond for an armed robbery he allegedly committed 12 days later. Woods is held on a $50,000 bond.

Truong now relies on her three children and mother to help care for her. She tells us it’s been an exhausting couple of weeks, and she hopes Woods and Harrell face the consequences for the attack.

“I’m happy that I can live with my family again, but it’s pretty inconvenient that I can’t walk,” Truong said.

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