Child shot: 12-year-old released from the hospital after hit by stray bullet in northwest Harris County

Houston (KTRK) — On Friday, a 12-year-old boy was released from the hospital after being injured in a shootout at a club across the street from his home in northwest Harris County.

Corderro Stevenson has a long road to recovery after a bullet from a shootout hit him in the groin while sleeping on the couch in his home.

“I want to stay focused on trying to heal to play sports and do other things,” Stevenson said.

His 8-year-old brother, Tristan Davis, said Stevenson tried to keep everyone calm after the bullet hit him.

“My brother said, ‘everyone needs to calm down,’ as Davis recalled the frantic moments. “Because if nobody didn’t calm down, he would have passed out.”

Stevenson said he has aspirations of becoming a football player.

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“It makes me feel mad that I can’t play sports until I heal,” Stevenson said, “and who knows how much time that will take.”

His mother, Shavonna Clark, said they do not feel safe returning to their home following the traumatic incident.

“It has to stop,” Clark said, referring to the gun violence in the area. “Because innocent children sleeping when that’s happening, that’s unacceptable. So, we have to stop it as a community because that could have gone another way. It’s a blessing that he is alive and that it turned out the way it did, with all of that.”

Neighbors spoke to ABC13 about the lounge and the activity that happens at night at the nearby shopping strip center.

Stephen Jones, a resident in the area, believes he saw one of the suspects running with a weapon following the shootout early Thursday morning.

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“I just want to see the place get safer so that this doesn’t happen again,” Jones said. “No 12-year-old or anybody should be hit by stray bullets when trying to go to sleep,” Jones said.

Jones believes one of the suspects was possibly involved in an incident at his home a month ago. Authorities have not been able to identify or find the several suspects involved in Thursday’s shootout.

According to Houston police, there have been seven calls to service since December 2021 to the associated address, including a disturbance call and a fraud report.

Longtime resident Freddie Ramon told ABC13 that many neighbors have complained about the crime and nuisance in the shopping center.

“The past 12 years I’ve been in this neighborhood, there’s been nothing but trouble on that property,” Ramon said. “I won’t even walk outside at night. It’s impacted my employment because I refuse to work nights.”

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