CDC panel meeting today on COVID-19 vaccine for younger kids

The next steps towards approving COVID vaccines for young children are underway and in the hands of the CDC.

If all is approved, the shots for the youngest Americans will be administered starting Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.

The CDC advisory panel’s meeting begins at 10 a.m. Friday.

They will vote this weekend, and then the decision goes to the CDC Director.

Fourty-nine states have already ordered almost four million doses, the one exception is Florida.

The Moderna shots will go to those ages 6 and under, the Pfizer doses will go to those ages 5 and under.

This age group has waited the longest for vaccine protection.

“This is an important milestone psychologically, because there are millions of parents out there, including my family who have held off on so many of our own activities who have not done normal social activities for our children, and who are not doing gatherings or travel and other things, because we’re worried about our children,” said Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician.

In New York City, despite falling case numbers, the city remains at the high coronavirus alert level.

Mayor Eric Adams appeared on “Up Close with Bill Ritter,” and said the high alert level is necessary.

New Jersey ordering 51,000 vaccine doses for young kids.

New York ordering 39,000 to be ready for next week.

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