Brad Pitt Will Drive An Actual Racecar For The Formula One Movie

Realistically, the insurance involved to ensure that Pitt is safe would be astronomical, and Polygon has reported that Pitt will actually be driving a slower mock-up of an F1 car in the new film. Pitt supposedly won’t be competing directly with other drivers on the track, but the production details are still in early stages at this point. For now, Pitt’s chance to be as cool as Steve McQueen will have to wait. 

One of the most exciting aspects of Kosinski’s F1 movie is the new camera technology that will be implemented to allow audiences to see exactly what Pitt and the other stars are seeing. Buxton reiterated a few more details about the new rig via Twitter. “They’ve spent 18 months taking what they [learned] on ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ to develop the smallest moveable 6k camera ever designed to take the viewer into the cockpit,” he explained. “A cockpit in which their stars will actually drive.”

If the incredible aerial shots in “Top Gun: Maverick” are any indication, audiences should be in store for some truly exhilarating action. Buxton also mentioned that Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell may even join in on the fun. “Oh. And Tom Cruise has already offered to do some extra driving if they need him,” he added to get the rumor mill going. In addition to all the other race films of the past, Kosinski mentioned that he’s using John Frankenheimer’s 1966 film “Grand Prix” starring James Garner as “his biggest touchstone.” 

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Plan B Entertainment and Apple Original Films, the new film will focus on Pitt returning to the sport after retiring. “Snowfall: star Damson Idris is also set to star. The action blockbuster will eventually wind up on Apple TV+ after a theatrical release, and I for one cannot wait. 

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