Andrew Garfield To Play Carl Sagan

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Andrew Garfield (“Spider-Man: No Way Home”) will play celebrated astronomer Carl Sagan alongside Daisy Edgar-Jones (“Where the Crawdads Sing”) as Emmy-winning documentarian filmmaker Ann Druyan in the true love story tale “Voyagers”.

The film is set in 1977 as NASA is preparing to launch humanity’s first interstellar probes – the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 missions. A team led by Sagan sets out to create a message to accompany them – ‘The Golden Record’.

This group of images and sounds are meant to express the essence of humanity and act as a first-contact greeting for any galactic lifeform the probes might reach.

The race to build the mission becomes an epic, unexpected love story between Carl and his collaborator Ann. Lelio and Jessica Goldberg co-wrote the screenplay based on interviews with Druyan and others who worked on the Golden Record project.

Druyan, Ben Browning and Lynda Obst are producing, with the project being sold at the Cannes film market later this month.

Garfield and Edgar-Jones previously co-starred in the FX mini-series “Under the Banner of Heaven” – both scoring awards nominations for their work.

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