Andor Ending Explained and What to Expect in Season 2

Where’s Cassian’s Sister?

Besides stealing from the Empire for the credits, Cassian seemed to be driven by one specific motivation: his search for his long-lost sister Kerri (Belle Swarc). It’s this quest to find his sister that first gets him in trouble on Morlana One, which in turn leads him right into the hands of Luthen Rael. But despite his sister’s whereabouts being set up as a central mystery at the start of the season, the show doesn’t revisit this after the first arc.

One can easily make the case that Cassian simply had no time to resume his search for Kerri after being chased off Ferrix, pulling off a heist on Aldhani, and getting thrown in the slammer. And now that he’s joined up with the Rebellion, he’ll probably have even less time to pursue her. Does this mean he’s given up the search after Maarva told him earlier in the season that there were no other survivors from whatever disaster befell Kenari?

There are many theories regarding who Cassian’s sister might be, with one of the most popular being that the mysterious Kleya Marki (Elizabeth Dulau) is actually a grown-up Kerri. Of course, you’d have to assume that Kleya hasn’t done her research on Cassian before sending Vel to kill him. Which, as Luthen’s right hand, seems unlikely. We’ll have to wait and see if season 2 gives us some better answers.

What We Know About Andor Season 2

One thing we do know for sure is that Andor season 2 is definitely on the way. In fact, it’s currently shooting in the UK as you read this sentence, with an eye on wrapping principal photography by next August, according to Collider. Hopefully, this means we’ll get to enjoy the further adventures of Cassian Andor sometime in 2024.

Yes, that’s a long wait to get the second half of this part two saga. Fortunately, showrunner Tony Gilroy has revealed a few details about what fans should expect when the show does return. For one thing, he’s already told us when on the Star Wars timeline the second season takes place and how much time it will cover: while Andor season 1 starts five years before Rogue One and covers a single year in Cassian’s life, the second season will chronicle the next four leading right into the events of Rogue One.

“We’ll do three episodes, and we’ll jump a year. And we’ll do another three episodes, and we’ll jump a year. And we’ll come back to the final four episodes, and those episodes will be the last three days really before Rogue One, and the final scene of the show will be walking you into Rogue One,” Gilroy told Polygon.

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