Amanda Stenberg Officially Cast In Star Wars: The Acolyte SDCC ’22

There wasn’t much Star Wars news at SDCC, but one thing that did come out was that Amanda Stenberg officially cast in Star Wars: The Acolyte for Lucasfilm. Whilst there were no Star Wars panels or real coverage at the con, Stenberg was there and her casting was made official. Stenberg said at one panel that Lucasfilm found out she was going to SDCC and decided now was the time to unleash the news. This Tweet was how they did so.

Stenberg had previously been heavily rumored to star in The Acolyte, so this is hardly a surprising piece of news. However, at this moment in time, and as you’d expect, there are no details on her role. It is however thoughts that Stenberg’s is the lead role in the show. Outside of that fact, we know almost nothing.

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The Acolyte itself will be set quite some time before the events of The Phantom Menace, towards the end of the High Republic period as things begin to take a darker turn. Of course it’s this transition which inspired creator Leslye Headland to pitch The Acolyte in the first place to Lucasfilm. How did the Republic go from the High Republic to the Galaxy we see in TPM? Therefore The Acolyte should deal with the Darkside, and perhaps focus on the still hidden Sith?

Is Stenberg a Sith acolyte, or working for a Sith lord in some way? I guess we will have to await more details. Far as we know right now The Acolyte will shoot later this year in the U.K. We may find out some more once filming gets underway? However for now, all we know is what you’ve just read.

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