A League Of Their Own Season 1 Ending Explained: Wins And Losses

Most of the first season of “A League of Their Own” isn’t exactly what you’d call a sports story. The show follows the newly assembled Rockford Peaches through a season of gameplay, but the team is pretty aware that the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League is in a precarious place. Women’s baseball was seemingly invented to inspire and titillate, without much leadership given or attention paid to actually getting teams into tip-top shape.

Nonetheless, the Peaches make it to the championship game, where they end up facing off against the Blue Sox. Among their opponents is Jo (Melanie Field), their lovable former teammate who got surreptitiously traded after being caught at a gay bar. At first, the game is lightly antagonistic, but by the end, it’s a total tear-jerker and a celebration of solidarity among all these women.

Jo keeps hitting the ball out of the park, and in the final inning, she scores what should be another homer. Only, she hurts her ankle badly on the run in, and can’t make it to home base. The refs say none of her teammates are allowed to help her out, but what about the opposing team? In the end, the Peaches — led by Carson (Abbi Jacobson) and Greta (D’Arcy Carden) — help hold her up, literally supporting her as she makes her way to home plate for the league win. It’s a beautiful moment, and given that the team fled and left Jo at the raided gay bar before, it’s also a meaningful apology and show of support among the queer teammates.

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